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“The Forbidden Pleasure” Anal Sex Class

For years the butt has been a point of interest in so many ways, from how good it looks in our jeans, to the famous thong, drooping it like its HOT and booty shaking. The way it moves when we walk and the mentally stimulating thoughts and images that run through his mind as those perfect forms move effortlessly under your sundress. Lets not forget how this visually appealing and arousing body party as made a few ladies famous like Beyonce, J-Lo  & Kim Kardashian. Is it really Taboo? The pure though of being knotty and erotic is down right exotic, pleasurable and desirable.

If your ready to unleash the “Forbidden Pleasure” you have come to the right place. Just get 5-10 of your closest female friends together for a night of the discovering the power of the booty. This is also great for couples, learning to explore the hidden pleasures of each others body.

Adventure, Excitement & Discovery

  • Rectum Anatomy
  • Anal Sex Etiquette
  • Anal Sex Positions
  • Prostrate Stimulation
  • Think Outside The “Box”
  • The Intimacy Inside the Rectum
  • Essential Anal Sex techniques

And so much more $65

Learn all you need to know about your partner’s Forbidden Pleasure Zone and what it takes to create an amazing experience.


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