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“American Cherry Pie” Cunnilingus Class

The classic American Pie…. Mmmm Oh My! The thought of sweet and delectable juices lingering on your tongue slowing wrapping your taste buds sending them into pure ecstasy. Without thought the sounds of delight escape your lips informing everyone around you of divine perfection. Creating such a powerful experience takes a certain amount of hand skills, coupled with the right ingredients and stimulated to the right tempter. There are plenty of cookbook instructions on Cherry Pie, however nothing beats hands on experience in Hell’s Kitchen!

This is a great men only “Barbara Shop Talk”  night  and of course Jack my Jill or Levering and Shirley party. Just invite 5-10 of your closest friends to the comfort of your own home and set the mood on bake!

The Versatile Vagina & Its Many Parts & Pleasures

  • Vaginal Anatomy
  • Oral Etiquette
  • Cunnilingus Positions
  • Developing a Relaxation Reflex
  • Vaginal Stimulation Techniques
  • Think Outside The “box”
  • Essential Oral Sex Techniques

And so much more $65
Learn the ins and out of your lady’s sweetness and bring something new to the table… couch…. bed

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