She’s Deliciously Twisted believes when it comes to sexuality, knowledge is power! Embrace your sexuality as a healthy and fun part of everyday life

“My Woody” Fellatio Class

This class is not your average curricular course in night class adult education, but boy is it fun and homework has never been this exciting! What an amazing way to participate in group study time by sharing, learning and exploring new skills to satisfy your deepest desires to please and tease your man. Ready for an easy A? Just invite 5-10 of your closes friends to the comfort of your home and let class begin.

The Versatile Penis & Its Many Pleasures

  • Penal Anatomy
  • Oral Etiquette
  • Fellatio Positions
  • Developing a Relaxation Reflex
  • Penal Stimulation Techniques
  • Think Outside The “box”
  • Essential Oral Sex Techniques

And so much more $65

Learn everything you need to blow his… mind!

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